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format file rmuf

What is a rmuf file and how do I open a rmuf file?

The Alpha Five Runtime License File is stored in the RMUF format and is affixed with the RMUF extension, and is used by the Alpha Five applications. These RMUF files are generally classified as data files that contain the highest number of concurrent database users that can access a database which are controlled and tracked. These files function like MUF files. This software is used to develop Web applications and Alpha five is a relational database management system. The license allows these developers to sell their applications in the web. The Runtime products include Runtime, Runtime plus, Netmailer for Runtime and ReportMailer for Runtime. The Runtime software is the only version which does not allow user modifications. The other versions however do not allow editing layouts, table structures and field rules. The Alpha Software Alpha Five can be used in Microsoft Windows based systems to access and play RMUF files.

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Alpha Software Alpha Five
Detail rmuf file extension information:
File Type: rmuf
File Format: Alpha Five Runtime License File
Primary Association: Data Files