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format file rgmc

What is a rgmc file and how do I open a rgmc file?

The RootsMagic Genealogy Project File is stored in the RGMC format and is affixed with the RGMC extension, and is used by RootsMagic program. These RGMC files are generally classified as data files that contain timeline, personal information, ancestors and descendants that can be printed to reports such as pedigree charts, family group sheets, and narrative reports. These family history project file can be exported to the standard Genealogical Data Communication (GEDCOM) universal format for use with other applications. Project names and project folders must be unique to avoid overwriting previously created websites. The RootsMagic software features exclusive entry fields for first and last names which alleviates compound surnames, graphics interface and wide report capabilities. It also allows direct data import from Family Tree Maker and other compatible genealogy sites. It allows adding photos, sound bites, and video clips. The RootsMagic software can be used in Microsoft Windows based systems to access an

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File Type: rgmc
File Format: RootsMagic Genealogy Project File
Primary Association: Data Files