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format file pxa

What is a pxa file and how do I open a pxa file?

The PXA file format are data files created by XpressAccounts, an application developed to handle accounting for small and medium sized businesses and organizations. XpressAccounts is considered as the industry’s first multi-channel account opening and loaning organization. The program enables new and current members to open and fund accounts quickly and easily. It features work flow engines, scoring rules and decisioning criteria which are all customizable to accommodate the needs of the business. The application can also make new accounts easily, integrate data for error-free data transfer, feature credit reporting, I. D. verification, screening, electrical fund transfer and many more. PXA files are used to store data which will be needed for the generation of financial reports including dashboard summaries, transaction reports and balancing sheets. Such files may also be used to contain the company profile and other information and records. PXA files are also used for saving and backing up accounting data.

Recommended pxa file download:
Proinfocus XpressAccounts
Detail pxa file extension information:
File Type: pxa
File Format: XpressAccounts Data File
Primary Association: Data Files