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format file pro4plx

What is a pro4plx file and how do I open a pro4plx file?

Files under the PRO4PLX format are used as data files created by Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter, a software specifically developed for creating productions for church worship. ProPresenter is a specialized presentation program which was designed aid in Church worship by displaying images, mostly song lyrics, during some forms of Christian worship. One of the main purposes of the development of the program was the need for an application that enables display of lyrics from a large selection of songs. The software’s main features include the storage of song lyrics which enables them to be retrieved easily, on-screen display or bible texts and the use of video clips and graphics as background. PRO4PLX files are classified as multimedia playlist bundles which contain references on the audio, video, other .PRO4 files and the referenced files themselves. PRO4PLX files may be opened through its authoring software, the ProPresenter, but may require file conversion to be viewed through other programs.

Mac OS
Recommended pro4plx file download:
Renewed Vision ProPresenter
Renewed Vision ProPresenter
Detail pro4plx file extension information:
File Type: pro4plx
File Format: ProPresenter Playlist Bundle
Primary Association: Data Files