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format file pkh

What is a pkh file and how do I open a pkh file?

The .pkh file extension is a bit like the .pkb file extension because it is also associated with the Oracle PL/SQL database software. It is also classified as script files that contain SQL codes needed to make access to information from other database compatible with Oracle possible. Since the Oracle database is very popular software used in managing databases, these .pkh files help a lot to make its functions better. Script files usually contain debugger commands but in this file type, the .pkh script files are used to make it easy for the Oracle software to process SQL commands. That means, the file extension has the similar data types that of SQL. While the Oracle database can be opened in Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems, these .pkh files can be edited using any type of text editor. These files can also be opened with Oracle PL/SQL software, sqldeveloper.exe, Windows Internet Explorer, and Oracle Database .

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Detail pkh file extension information:
File Type: pkh
File Format: Oracle Package File
Primary Association: Data Files