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format file pkb

What is a pkb file and how do I open a pkb file?

The .pkb file extension is classified as script files created by Oracle PL/SQL; a program used to create and manage database. The file extension can also be used by other Oracle database software such as Oracle Database Gateway for APPC. Oracle PL/SQL is a program used to process SQL commands. The files using this file extension contain scripts that any text editor can open. Aside from Oracle PL/SQL, .pkb files are also used as game files, specifically in the City Life game. This game allows players to build and design their own city and usually these .pkb files deal with the showing of buildings in the game. The file extension was also used by QuickPOS EPOS software. However, since this software is no longer available for purchase, the .pkb file extension is less associated with Quickpos already. Applications that can be used to open .pkb files are Oracle PL/SQL software, Building Customization Editor, General SQL Parser, dbExpress driver for SQL Server, Password Keychain as well as any type of text editor.

Recommended pkb file download:
View in a text editor
Oracle PL/SQL software
Detail pkb file extension information:
File Type: pkb
File Format: Oracle Package Body File
Primary Association: Data Files