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format file pis

What is a pis file and how do I open a pis file?

Files with the .pis extension are known as project files by ps2dis. Now, ps2dis is also known as a ps2 disassembler and it is mainly used for a lot of things. It is used to disassemble Playstation 2 either for the purpose of repairing the ps2, cleaning the ps2, and other engineering tasks done with the ps2. Other users even use this to hack ps2. This ps2dis can be good for ps2 technicians as they help them fix whatever needs to be fixed with the ps2 but it’s also one tool that can be used by hackers to hack ps2 games. Going back to the .pis file extension, it is a very essential extension because it refers to files that contain the game’s ID file. It contains all the information regarding the game, thereby these files are what allow users to open and edit the game for whatever purposes. While these files can only be accessed with the ps2dis, the use of .pis editors and converters can also allow users to open these files.

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Detail pis file extension information:
File Type: pis
File Format: PS2DIS Project File
Primary Association: Data Files