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format file pfc

What is a pfc file and how do I open a pfc file?

The .pfc file extension popularly stands for personal filing cabinet and this is used by America Online or AOL for the storage of various data such as favorites, e-mails and e-mail addresses as well as other contact information, street addresses, etc. While users are offered the option to store e-mails into filing cabinets through AOL, these stored e-mails are the files that use the .pfc extension and they are usually opened only with AOL. The .pfc file extension is also associated with Pegasus Mail and the .pfc files used by this e-mail system contain data temporarily stored for an imap folder. Corel WordPerfect also uses the .pfc file extension but they only contain PerfectFit filters and not the whole file created using the software. This file extension is also associated with the Presto! Page Manager Software. This is software that allows users to manage, edit and convert documents in the system. The information used by the software for its internal functions are called .pfc files.

Mac OS
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AOL Desktop for Mac
Detail pfc file extension information:
File Type: pfc
File Format: AOL Personal File Cabinet
Primary Association: Data Files