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format file pdx

What is a pdx file and how do I open a pdx file?

Files with the .pdx extension are index files that Adobe Acrobat created. This software is used to create and view documents, and these .pdx files contain document content and directory indices. These files contribute a lot to enabling the software to search a huge number of .pdf documents, which makes it useful for business and organizations where PDF documents are widely used. The file extension is also used as a Product Data eXchange File that is necessary in facilitating supply chains. These files contain the definition of the manufactured product, product configuration, history of the products and a lot more. .pdx files are also essential when it comes to communicating technical information among manufacturers, service providers and suppliers. The Adobe Pagemaker software is also associated with the .pdx file extension, where this software is used not only for businesses, but also in education.

Mac OS
Recommended pdx file download:
Adobe Acrobat XI
Adobe Acrobat XI
Detail pdx file extension information:
File Type: pdx
File Format: Adobe Acrobat Index File
Primary Association: Data Files