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format file pdas

What is a pdas file and how do I open a pdas file?

The .pdas file extension is primarily associated with the PDAStore program wherein this program is widely used to save and categorize information usually contained in PDA. These .pdas files are usually called data storage format because they are files that are saved in the PDAstore wherein using this program, it is possible to browse and search these files. It is also possible to convert any text files into the .pdas format with the use of PDAStore Command. However, the .pdas file extension is also associated with the famous program Print Shop deluxe Bitmap Graphic. These .pdas files make the software user-friendly that is why this format is considered effective by most users. The Print Shop Deluxe is program used to create posters, banners, signs and cards. But in this file type, these .pdas files are responsible for storing information about the images used by the software. These files contain a variety of information like file header, colors, etc.

Recommended pdas file download:
hfrmobile PDAStore Command (PDASCMD)
Detail pdas file extension information:
File Type: pdas
File Format: PDAStore Data Store File
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: text/xml