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format file ntx

What is a ntx file and how do I open a ntx file?

The NTX file extension is known as Clipper Index File which was developed by Clipper. It is a file format used for Database index that defines the structure and fields of a Clipper database. It is similar to an .ndx file, but allows for longer search key expressions and stores data in ASCII format. It has header and date records and all data types are stored in strings. Files in NTX format can be opened with Clipper, EZ Index, dataBased Intelligence dBASE, and Dbf/Ntx Reader in Microsoft Windows platforms. CA-Clipper supports date indexes for both .ntx and .ndx index types. When multiple processes of the Clipper application are accessing the same data file using proper record locking/unlocking syntax, the index file(s) may become corrupted, and may display the following error message: Error DBFNTX/1210 Corruption detected. In case of lost index files, it can be retrieved through Clipper directory, there's a subdirectory BIN. In this directory is the DBU utility, where index files can be recreated.

Recommended ntx file download:
dataBased Intelligence dBASE
Detail ntx file extension information:
File Type: ntx
File Format: Clipper Index File
Primary Association: Data Files