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format file nsq

What is a nsq file and how do I open a nsq file?

The NSQ file extension is known as NScheduler Data File which was developed by Syntes. It is a file format associated with NPrinting, an application used to create, generate, and distribute reports from data in the QlikView Business Intelligence application. It contains data that enables NPrinting to execute Schedules, Jobs and Tasks. It stores recipient and filter data so that NPrinting can distribute the output to the appropriate users. NSQ files can be used to schedule jobs for creating sales reports, filling purchase orders, and exporting batches of data to external data sources, such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (.xlsS files) or .pdf documents. They may also be used for emailing the job results to users as file attachments. Within an NSQ file, there are one or more jobs per schedule, and one or more tasks per job. Each schedule can be created as a one time or recurring event. NSQ stands for "NPrinting Scheduler for QlikView." Files in NSQ format can be opened with Syntes NPrinting in Microsoft Windows platforms.

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Syntes NPrinting
Detail nsq file extension information:
File Type: nsq
File Format: NScheduler Data File
Primary Association: Data Files