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format file neta

What is a neta file and how do I open a neta file?

The NETA file extension is also known as Netica Binary File which was developed by Norsys Software Corp. Netica is a software used to create Bayesian networks for analyzing uncertainty in business, engineering, medicine, and ecology contexts. The NETA file format is used for faster and smaller Bayes net file. However, text-based .dne files will always continue to have complete support. A Bayes net (also known as a belief net) is composed of a set of nodes representing variables of interest and its interconnection or relationship with each other. It saves a diagram that visualizes the components of the network. It uses a binary format for file size reduction and to increase the speed of file access. Files in NETA format can be opened with Norsys Netica, Netica Application, and Netica API in Microsoft Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Solaris platforms. To save the active net to a file, choose “File” then “Save As” or click the “toolbar” button.

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Norsys Netica
Detail neta file extension information:
File Type: neta
File Format: Netica Binary File
Primary Association: Data Files