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format file mth

What is a mth file and how do I open a mth file?

The MTH file extension is known as the Derive Math File which includes values and functions loaded by Derive. Derive is a computer Algebra system. It offers exact arithmetic, factoring, partial fraction expansion, equation solving, 2d and 3d colored plots, derivatives, integrals, differential equations, Taylor and Fourier Series, Laplace Transforms, vectors and matrices. It displays a blank interface to insert numbers, expressions, symbols and everything needed to create calculations. Files in MTH format can be opened with Texas Instruments Derive in Microsoft Windows platforms. DFW is another file extension used by Derive. It was available only for Windows and DOS platforms and was used also in TI pocket calculators because of its little memory. It was developed based on muMATH by the Soft Warehouse in Honolulu, Hawaii and later on owned by Texas Intsruments. It was discontinued in 2007 leaving Derive 6.1 as its last version. TI Nspire replaced Derive Math software.

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Texas Instruments Derive
Detail mth file extension information:
File Type: mth
File Format: Derive Math File
Primary Association: Data Files