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format file ms8

What is a ms8 file and how do I open a ms8 file?

The MS8 file extension is a data file known as the Multisim 8 DesignCircuit File which was designed by National Instruments Corporation. It serves as storage for programmable logic design schematics. The National Instruments Electronics Workbench Group (formerly Electronics Workbench) provides the PCB designer with tools for schematic capture, interactive circuit simulation with SPICE, board layout with auto routing options, and integrated prototyping and test. Multisim 8 software includes “real” Virtual Instruments from Tektronix, powerful time-saving function, simulation profiles Tool-tip Style Notes, model makers, new worst case algorithms and new amplifier circuit wizard. Circuit wizard knows when user wants to wire so it changes to a crosshair or use “QuickStart1.ms8” from the “SamplesQuickStart” folder. It also offers compatibility of component browser with MS Excel and components in circuit can be automatically saved to the parts database. Files with MS8 format can be opened with NI Circuit Design Suite 11 and National Instruments Multisim in Microsoft Windows platforms.

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National Instruments Multisim
Detail ms8 file extension information:
File Type: ms8
File Format: Multisim 8 Circuit Design File
Primary Association: Data Files