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format file ms10

What is a ms10 file and how do I open a ms10 file?

The MS10 is a data file extension known as Multisim 10 Circuit Design File which was created by National Instruments. It provides the PCB designer with tools for schematic capture, interactive circuit simulation with SPICE, board layout with auto routing options, and integrated prototyping and test. It also serves as storage for programmable logic design schematics. Multisim 10 offers the strength of professional design, but also includes education-specific features with its education platform to provide an engaging learning experience for students at all levels. Version 10 increases ease-of-use with features such as mouse-control of interactive components, a new current probe instrument, and more. NI Circuit Design Suite 10.0 stores program and user data in two possible locations. Files that need to be accessed on a per-machine basis are stored in the installation folder. Files that are created on a per-user basis are stored in the Windows per-user folder. Multisim is available in Base, Full, and Power Pro editions. Files with MS10 format can be opened with NI Multisim v 10 file in Microsoft Windows platforms.

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National Instruments Multisim
Detail ms10 file extension information:
File Type: ms10
File Format: Multisim 10 Circuit Design File
Primary Association: Data Files