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format file mosaic

What is a mosaic file and how do I open a mosaic file?

The MOSAIC File extension is associated to a data file format developed by Frank M. Midgley. Files affixed with this extension are also known as Mac OSaiX Mosaic files. These files can be created with the Mac OSaix software, which is a program that allows users to create a mosaic project from hundreds and thousands of images generated from Google, glyph, flickr, iphoto or even QuickTime movies. This software is a free Mac application that helps users develop high resolution mosaic projects. To use this software, the user has to identify the images to pattern the mosaic project and adjust the settings of the chosen image files. Settings include number, shape and content of tiles or pieces. A full image display is also shown as a preview of the desired mosaic project. Next, the user needs to choose the image source, then click "Save" to instruct the Mac Osaix software to store the mosaic project in a MOSAIC project output file. Once finished, the user can export the MOSAIC project file to TIFF, PNG or JPEG formats. These MOSAIC files can be opened using the MacOSaiX application in a Mac OS X system.

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Detail mosaic file extension information:
File Type: mosaic
File Format: MacOSaiX Mosaic File
Primary Association: Data Files