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format file mfu

What is a mfu file and how do I open a mfu file?

The MobileFrame Update File is stored in the MFU format and is affixed with the MFU extension and is used by MobileFrame. These MFU files are generally classified as data files that contain information needed to update all components of the MobileFrame system to a newer version of the software. These files help in upgrading all servers, administrative tools, and clients to the latest version of the software. These files are specifically used by MobileFrame Desktop, a Graphical User Interface based tool equipped with point and click features used by computer administrators for mobile applications. This module provides the product updates such as service packs and hot fixes. The upgrade information can be derived by logging the user’s account in the MobileFrame support site inclusive of workflow packs and device driver packs. This process allows administrators to be in control of upgrading devices remotely. The MobileFrame Desktop software can be used in Microsoft Windows to access and view MFU files.

Recommended mfu file download:
MobileFrame Desktop
Detail mfu file extension information:
File Type: mfu
File Format: MobileFrame Update File
Primary Association: Data Files