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format file mfe

What is a mfe file and how do I open a mfe file?

These are files known as MobileFrame Enterprise Data Files. MFE files are categorized as data files used by the MobileFrame Desktop application. The MobileFrame system creates a single record, and this record contains all data and dependencies. These data and dependencies are MFE files and they allow users to package records into standalone packages. MobileFrame Desktop is used for the MobileFrame mobile application environment. It is an application that belongs to the group of software in a MobileFrame Enterprise consisting of other applications such as MobileFrame Database, MobileFrame Client and the MobileFrame Server. These applications allow the creation and deployment of sophisticated mobile applications even without IT services which benefits most computer users who are just starting to learn how to use the device. Since these applications are built based on more modern standards, they are compatible with most servers, networks, etc. making them easy to access and run. All these applications use MFE files.

Recommended mfe file download:
MobileFrame Desktop
Detail mfe file extension information:
File Type: mfe
File Format: MobileFrame Enterprise Data File
Primary Association: Data Files