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format file mdc

What is a mdc file and how do I open a mdc file?

The MDC file extension was developed by Cognos and used as Multi Dimension Cube Files categorized as data files. MDC files are the multi-dimensional "cube data" that are stored using the Cognos business analytics software. This software is known to perform functions such as identifying and analyzing business and financial performance trends. This software mostly benefits business and organizations that deal with financial task managements. The software makes it easy for users to manage their finances and business, saving them money since they do not need to hire extra employees just to manage their business and finances. The software also allows users to determine whether their business is growing financially or not. The great function of this tool is also owing to MDC files because these files deal with the organization of information into various dimensions and this is exactly the process allowing the retrieval of data so they can be processed quickly and easy. MDC files are also called PowerPlay cubes.

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Cognos software
Cognos software
Detail mdc file extension information:
File Type: mdc
File Format: Multi Dimension Cube File
Primary Association: Data Files