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format file mbx

What is a mbx file and how do I open a mbx file?

When users create email messages through Outlook Express, these messages contained in a mailbox or a folder are saved in the MBX format which is why MBX files are called Outlook Express Mailbox files. MBX files refer to the actual message data contained in a mailbox and they are not only the messages users send using Outlook Express, but all messages such as the received messages, spam, customs list and even the junk messages. MBP files make all the Outlook Express messages organized. Users can back up MBP files simply by copying these files to another folder. The structure of MBX files make use of a straight-level file system since the archived message lists are located in exactly the same directory as that of the main list that contains its generated information. MBP files are mainly opened and accessed with the use of Microsoft Outlook Express because this is the application that created these files. Outlook Express is an application that allows users to send and receive emails easily on a Windows environment.

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Microsoft Outlook Express
Detail mbx file extension information:
File Type: mbx
File Format: Outlook Express Mailbox
Primary Association: Data Files