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format file mbg

What is a mbg file and how do I open a mbg file?

MBG files are mailbag files used by applications such as the Mailbag Assistance and Aid4Mail. However, MBG files are mostly known as Mailbag Assistant Mailbox Files developed by Fookes, and they mainly refer to archived mailbox the software created. MBG files are used to save compressed messages from emails in order to save disk space. Since these files are also used by Aid4Mail, the said software can also be used to open MBG files. Fookes Software Mailbag Assistant is the main application used to open MBG files though. This software is used to organize, search, analyze and archive e-mails, especially those email messages users want to keep, whether they want to treasure the messages or if they want to archive important files for business purposes, etc. With the Mailbag Assistant, users can easily read and process the email messages saved on their computers, etc. These archived messages are what are called MBG files which fall under the data file category.

Recommended mbg file download:
Fookes Software Mailbag Assistant
Detail mbg file extension information:
File Type: mbg
File Format: Mailbag Assistant Mailbox File
Primary Association: Data Files