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format file mbd

What is a mbd file and how do I open a mbd file?

The files created by Multimedia Builder are known as MBD files as they are used as Multimedia Builder Project Files developed by Mediachance. These files fall under the data file category and they serve as storage for the user interface design and the functions of the program. These files are also useful to autorun CD interfaces as well as in performing playbacks for small games and other multimedia applications. Compiling MBD files to standalone executables is possible as well as burning these files into a CD. Most of the time, an Autorun.ini file accompanies this application and they are also burned to the CD wherein they are used to specify that the application will start automatically once there is a disc inserted into the drive. MBD files used by Multimedia Builder are also known as files used to author mp3 audio files. MBD files can be opened using the MediaChance Multimedia Builder software, a program that quickly and easily allows users to build autorun presentations and menus.

Recommended mbd file download:
MediaChance Multimedia Builder
Detail mbd file extension information:
File Type: mbd
File Format: Multimedia Builder Project File
Primary Association: Data Files