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format file lvw

What is a lvw file and how do I open a lvw file?

LVW files are Livewire Documents referring to circuit design files that the Livewire program created. The Livewire program is used for circuit designing and simulation wherein through this program; the circuit behavior is investigated by connecting together switches, diodes, transistors and other components. The LVW documents created using Livewire contain all the things comprising a circuit design such as electronic parts and connections. All the design canvas components and its location are stored in these files. LVW files also contain circuit simulation inputs as well as the text comments that are written and saved by the user. One of the main functions of LVW files is to save, load and simulate all circuit designs. This makes the task of the Livewire program easier. There are various editions of the Livewire software like the Standard and Education editions as well as the Professional editions. LVW files can be opened when Livewire is installed in the system.

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Detail lvw file extension information:
File Type: lvw
File Format: Livewire Document
Primary Association: Data Files