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format file lsr

What is a lsr file and how do I open a lsr file?

LSR files are known as LANsurveyor Reports and they contain custom reports that the LANsurveyor generated. The information contained in these LSR reports are in a spreadsheet format and they are usually information about network devices. LANsurveyor is a program used for managing networks and performing tasks such as network mapping. This software is a great help to network managers, engineers, designers, and administrators especially for networks to be diagrammed no matter what size they are. By using multi-level discovery technique, this program is able to produce network maps that are viewed easily and very comprehensive. This software was developed by Solar Winds. The reports that are created using this surveyor or all the data contained by which engineers and designers refer to are LSR files and they make the LANsurveyor application easy to use. All the data gathered that can be used for network mapping are saved in the LSR format, thus, known as LSR files and reports.

Recommended lsr file download:
Neon Software LANsurveyor
Detail lsr file extension information:
File Type: lsr
File Format: LANsurveyor Report
Primary Association: Data Files