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format file lsl

What is a lsl file and how do I open a lsl file?

These are files developed by Hewlett-Packard known as LightScribe Labels or disc label designs that are created using the LightScribe Template Labeler. LSL files contain information such as texts and images that users can burn to a CD or DVD with the use of the LightScribe disc burner. LSL files contain labels that users can use when designing disc labels using the LightScribe Template Labeler program. The LightScribe Template Labeler that users use to create and open LSL files is a very advanced tool that is used to burn label to CDs and DVDs using a special disc drive, label-making software and special media with ease. It is a more advanced tool than the Simple Labeler because its capabilities are enhanced. Through LSL files, it is easier for users to pick their desired labels to put it on their CD and DVD therefore; these files make the functions of LightScribe Template Labeler better and effective.

Recommended lsl file download:
HP LightScribe Template Labeler
Detail lsl file extension information:
File Type: lsl
File Format: LightScribe Label
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: audio/x-liquid-file