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format file lp7

What is a lp7 file and how do I open a lp7 file?

LP7 files are files in the digital evidence format used to authenticate documents. The LP7 file extension was developed by Lex Persona, a company based in Paris, and these files are used by a Lex Personal application called LP7 Creator or LP7 Signer. Both CAdES and XAdES digital signature standards are supported by LP7 files. To create LP7 files, the LP7 Creator or LP7 Signer is required as well as opening these files may also require the said software. LP7 Creator is a program useful for signing electronic documents for digital evidence. All types of documents can be signed or stamped with the use of this software. Whether it is signing, countersigning, verifying and extracting signed contents, importing and declaring personal signatures, the software is necessary when it comes to offering better functionality. With LP7 files, it would be easy to sign and authenticate documents even if the process is done digitally.

Recommended lp7 file download:
Lex Persona LP7Creator or LP7Signer
Detail lp7 file extension information:
File Type: lp7
File Format: LP7 Digitally Signed File
Primary Association: Data Files