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format file l6t

What is a l6t file and how do I open a l6t file?

L6T files refer to Line 6 Tone Files. These are data files developed by Line 6. They refer to the guitar tone formats that Line 6 develops. L6T files are files that store custom cabinet models and guitar amps and they can be opened and edited as long as the GearBox software is installed in a computer. These files can also be transferred to either POD X3 effect box or to a PODxt using a USB. L6T files can also be used by audio software as long as it supports the GearBox Plug-in. Line 6 runs on MAC and Windows operating systems. It is a Gearbox installer that is complete for various applications like the GuitarPort, PODxt and POD X3 devices as well as TonePort. The L6T files are categorized as data files. The L6T file extension stands for Line 6 Tone and L6T files contribute to the function of the software when it comes to modeling amplifiers, guitars and other recording software.

Mac OS
Recommended l6t file download:
Line 6 Gearbox
Line 6 Gearbox
Detail l6t file extension information:
File Type: l6t
File Format: Line 6 Tone File
Primary Association: Data Files