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format file jbi

What is a jbi file and how do I open a jbi file?

JBI files are known as Motoman Robot Job Files because they are the job files created using the Motoman robot programming software. JBI files contain action instructions such as motion instructions that are used for the robot to be controlled. Users can program and simulate these files offline and later on, they can be uploaded to the job database of the robot. JBI files are categorized as data files because they contain data that are necessary for the robot to function. The main application that is used to open JBI files is Motoman software, which is very useful especially in industrial companies, academic organizations wherein robot programming is either used or taught. Since Motoman robots are created to assist users with a lot of their tasks such as in assembly, machine tending, palletizing, welding, packaging and painting, JBI files can be used so that these functions can be accomplished by the robot well.

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Detail jbi file extension information:
File Type: jbi
File Format: Motoman Robot Job File
Primary Association: Data Files