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format file itlp

What is an itlp file and how do I open an itlp file?

ITLP files are another set of files associated with the Apple iTunes. They refer to the iTunes LP Album Files and they contain not only a DRM-free album audio, but also some photos and videos as well as other contents that may be contained in the album. ITLP files support both the 256kbps AAC audio and high-definition video and they are used for the storage and playback of the album’s deluxe version that users can download from the iTunes music store. These files simply refer to the folders that use the ITLP extension so it is possible for users to create a new ITLP file. They can do this by creating another folder and then renaming it using the ITLP extension. Usually, the finished ITLP bundles include HTML, images, JavaScript, CSS, music files, video files, etc. While ITLP files are stored in a similar format as the ITE files, they are usually introduced using iTunes 9.

Mac OS
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Detail itlp file extension information:
File Type: itlp
File Format: iTunes LP Album File
Primary Association: Data Files