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format file irp

What is an irp file and how do I open an irp file?

IRP files are categorized as data files and they refer to the project files created using the Internet Researcher program. IRP files are files containing the settings of a project as well as the contents of a web page, like .HTML, JavaScript (.JS) and other images files. This is because the Internet Researcher program is an application used to download websites so that they can be browsed offline. Internet Researcher is a reliable application since it is known to posses many features that users cannot find in other browsers. IRP files may use the ".irp" extension but they are also stored in a standard Microsoft Access database format. The projects created using Internet Researcher or the IRP files are saved in a folder named My_DocumentsIR_Projects folder found in the current user directory. The Internet Researcher application was developed by Zylox Software and is also called Offline Commander wherein it runs on a windows operating system.

Recommended irp file download:
Zylox Software Internet Researcher
Detail irp file extension information:
File Type: irp
File Format: Internet Researcher Project File
Primary Association: Data Files