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format file ichat

What is an ichat file and how do I open an ichat file?

Like other online chat clients, the Apple iChat also saves conversation histories and chat logs. These iChat Saved Chat Logs are known as ICHAT files wherein these files save chat logs currently opened so that users would have the ability to review what he or she has been discussing with another user in the past. ICHAT files are created simply by choosing File → Save a Copy As; which is found in the iChat application menu. ICHAT files can only be opened and viewed with the Apple iChat application because they are saved in a binary format. This means, they cannot be viewed or edited by a text editor. The Apple iChat application is an Apple Mac OS X instant messaging client that allows users to send and receive instant messages to another user. Since ICHAT files contain conversation history, they are therefore created every time users use this application and converse with another user and the next time users check on these histories, they access ICHAT files.

Mac OS
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Detail ichat file extension information:
File Type: ichat
File Format: iChat Saved Chat Log
Primary Association: Data Files