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format file hy1

What is a hy1 file and how do I open a hy1 file?

The content of a Ventura Publisher hyphenation file is implemented with text formatting specifications and data encoding standards used for storing data in the HY1 file format. The pieces of data saved in these Ventura Publisher hyphenation files include hyphenation rules and exceptions implemented by the American and British English language for words that can be found in most dictionary programs and applets. This means the instructions and rules encoded in a HY1 file are used to determine the correct division of certain words into its hypenated forms. Affixed with the .hy1 extension, these Ventura Publisher files are used by the Ventura Publisher application, and the rules stored in these .hy1 files can be modified using this program, while users can also add new hyphenation instructions or configurations to a HY1 file with the Ventura Publisher software.

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Detail hy1 file extension information:
File Type: hy1
File Format: Ventura Publisher Hyphenation File
Primary Association: Data Files