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format file hmxz

What is a hmxz file and how do I open a hmxz file?

Help documentation projects are usually produced by the software called Help & Manual and the data files or projects that these software created are known as HMXZ files. This is why HMXZ files are also called Help & Manual Compressed Project files. The contents that these files contain are help contents which include images, formatting and help page text. These files can also contain other files like the XML project files which are in the compressed .ZIP archive format. The HMXZ files are helpful when it comes to the creation of different kinds of technical manuals and help documentation. The exportation of HMXZ files into other help formats like HTML Help (.CHM), .EPUB eBook and the Winhelp (.HLP) is also possible. While the HMXZ files have the capability to save files in ZIP archive, the HMXP files, which are also created and used by Help & Manual, does not save files in ZIP archive although they also use the XML formatting.

Recommended hmxz file download:
EC Software Help & Manual
Detail hmxz file extension information:
File Type: hmxz
File Format: Help & Manual Compressed Project
Primary Association: Data Files