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format file hmxp

What is a hmxp file and how do I open a hmxp file?

Like the HM3 files, the HMXP files are used as Help & Manual XML Project Files, which means they are the XML project files that Help and Manual creates. HMXP files contain the project file references as well as the settings of the project. They do not contain the project asset references like images and they are usually different from .HMXZ files that contain a single archive of all assets. While HM3 files are associated with the Help and Manual version 3, the HMXP files are mostly associated with Help & Manual version 5, although HMXP files can be opened by any Help and Manual version. Help and Manual as well as the HMXP file extension were developed by EC Software. The application is a great content management and documentation tool capable of handling technical and complex processes, saving user’s time since they can focus more on writing the document. The application can run on a Windows operating system.

Recommended hmxp file download:
EC Software Help & Manual
Detail hmxp file extension information:
File Type: hmxp
File Format: Help & Manual XML Project
Primary Association: Data Files