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format file hmt

What is a hmt file and how do I open a hmt file?

These files are known as HighMAT Files because they are used by High Performance Media Access Technology (HighMAT). HMT is a file extension developed by Microsoft and Panasonic and the files attached to it are categorized as data files. HMT files make the performance of HighMAT very excellent as they are files containing the images, the video and the audio of CDs and they are saved in proprietary format wherein it is possible to run jpeg or .mp3 file formats. HMT files have great contribution to the HighMAT software because these files are used for the easy organization and transfer of digital media files from the PC to various hard drives like CD or DVD. HMT files were previously supported by Microsoft but now, only the Windows XP CD Writing Wizard supports these files. HighMAT is the main program used to open HMT files. This application is responsible for the rise of latest consumer electronics devices.

Recommended hmt file download:
Microsoft HighMAT Extension
Detail hmt file extension information:
File Type: hmt
File Format: HighMAT File
Primary Association: Data Files