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format file hl

What is a hl file and how do I open a hl file?

Data files saved using the HeuristicLab program are called HL files; which is why these files are also called HeuristicLab Storage Files. These files can either contain workbenches or definitions of problems. Since heuristic refers to decision making guidelines and serves as computer algorithm references, the program HeuristicLab is aimed to develop and test methods of optimization. This program was developed in 2002 and this plays a big part in heuristics usually developed by the Heuristic and Evolutionary Algorithms Laboratory (HEAL) members. The algorithms presented by this program are different from other heuristic programs because this program has the ability to shift the algorithm development capability from the software developer to the users as well as this program does not need comprehensive programming skills to be used. All the information created for the referencing computer algorithms as well as in decision-making is saved using the HL format. HL files can be opened on Windows operating system using the HeuristicLab software.

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Detail hl file extension information:
File Type: hl
File Format: HeuristicLab Storage File
Primary Association: Data Files