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format file hdumx

What is a hdumx file and how do I open a hdumx file?

HDUMX files are similar to HDPMX files. These files are also developed by Hotdocs and known as HotDocs User Mapping XML Files. They are also used by Hotdocs and they also save variable mapping information, enabling the interface of third-party applications with Hotdocs application. They are also categorized as data files and the main application that can open HDUMX files is also Hotdocs, a program used to prepare digital forms, useful for legal and insurance form designing. HDUMX files also help Hotdocs function well when it comes to creating templates out of PDF files and word processing documents. These files are also necessary for the automation of complex documents and forms and they contribute a lot to making Hotdocs useful in most organizations and industries nowadays. The only difference between HDPMX and HDUMX files is that while HDPMX are known as "Publisher Answer Source Mapping" files, HDUMX are known as "User Answer Source Mapping" files.

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Detail hdumx file extension information:
File Type: hdumx
File Format: HotDocs User Mapping XML File
Primary Association: Data Files