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format file hda

What is a hda file and how do I open a hda file?

Hotdocs is the main program that created the HDA files. These files are known as HotDocs Auto-Assemble Files and they refer to the templates created with the use of HotDocs. Hotdocs is a program used to create templates as well as automate documents. This program is very good at quickly and easily converting PDF forms and word processing documents into templates. Because of its powerful functions, Hotdocs is a common tool used by law firms, corporations as well as government agencies. HDA files are categorized as data files and the information they contain are the rules and formulas needed for the automatic inclusion or removal of document information. These files are also useful when it comes to publishing templates for the automatic assembly of a document. The auto-assemble file will only be deleted automatically once the HDA file assembly is done and the document is successfully created already. HDA files can be opened by Hotdocs itself and the software runs on a Windows operating system.

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Detail hda file extension information:
File Type: hda
File Format: HotDocs Auto-Assemble File
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: application/x-hotdocs-auto