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format file hcu

What is a hcu file and how do I open a hcu file?

The HCU file extension contains definition of units utilized in the HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling application. This application features CAD, Computer Aided Design technology used for creating and designing stormwater runoff drainage systems based on the application’s pre-defined values or actual values defined by the user. HCU files are installed along with the HydroCAD applications which contain complete metric (SI) and English capacities. Data storage, projects and data entries generated from HydroCAD application may use any of these two units and may even use both metric and English units simultaneously. Conversion of English units to metric units is automatically done through the use of HCU files. The HCU files enable users to change the unit system used in current project in just one click. Users of HydroCAD 6 and subsequent versions of HydroCAD are given the access to create custom units definition files from standard units definition using text editor or similar to that of Microsoft Notepad. These custom definitions must be saved as HCU files so it can be accessed by the HydroCAD application.

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Detail hcu file extension information:
File Type: hcu
File Format: Hydrograph Units Definitons File
Primary Association: Data Files