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format file hcl

What is a hcl file and how do I open a hcl file?

The HCL file extension is associated with HotDocs application. This application was developed by the Matthew Bender and Company, Inc. to provide automated documentation functionalities. These functionalities refer to logic based structure of HotDocs that accesses sections of available data such as PDF, WordPerfect and Microsoft Word documents to create new documents or programmed templates. HotDocs utilize the HCL file format to save clause archive data files containing text templates or collection of clauses archived through the use of ZIP technology. These templates can be embedded in various forms commonly used in insurance and legal documents resulting to faster and more accurate documentation process. HCL files can be accessed through a library of clause files and clause archives filenames stored in HDL format. Accessing HDL files containing archived clauses in HCL format will automatically set off HotDocs decompression utility to extract archived clause files based on the requirements of the application.

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Detail hcl file extension information:
File Type: hcl
File Format: HotDocs Clause Archive
Primary Association: Data Files