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format file hce

What is a hce file and how do I open a hce file?

Files with HCE extension are used for older version of HydroCAD application. This application runs on Windows computers and was created for the purpose of providing an easy to use solution for documenting, analyzing and designing wide variety of drainage systems. HCE files contain information on river water flows which are utilized by HydroCAD to formulate on-screen routing diagram, generate SCS unit comprehensive hydrograph runoffs, automate various pond size hydrograph routing, synthesize and project timed flow series and excessive flow estimate, perform exfiltration calculations and create instant printable graphics and reports which can be saved in various file format for trouble-free file import and export. HCE files created with HydroCAD application can be viewed simultaneously with other similar files and can be stored on both local and network storage for easy data sharing among large number of users such as engineering firms formulating and designing acres of watersheds, spillways and river basin systems for an entire region.

Recommended hce file download:
HydroCAD Software Solutions HydroCAD
Detail hce file extension information:
File Type: hce
File Format: HydroCAD Hydrograph Data File
Primary Association: Data Files