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format file hcc

What is a hcc file and how do I open a hcc file?

The HCC file extension is used in files created with HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System application. This application was developed by HydroCAD Software Solutions as a stand alone program and was initially introduced in 1986 to provide an ideal drainage modeling system platform with the use of Computer Aided Design, CAD technology commonly used by civil engineers. The CAD technology drawing tools are utilized to provide visual geometric interpretation of information that would lead the motion of a tool or machine to follow the path provided or planned. HCC files are used by this application to save pre-fabricated stormwater storage chamber model such as plastic arch chambers, modular plastic chambers, concrete chambers, concrete pipe chambers, double-wall HDPE pipe storage, single wall corrupted HDPE pipe, corrugated metal pipe storage and custom chamber solutions formulated and designed for HydroCAD’s automatic underground storage chamber models and layouts, detention time calculations based on regulations for water quality, exfiltration calculations to help augment the utility of the drainage systems and support computations for various storage capacity.

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Detail hcc file extension information:
File Type: hcc
File Format: HydroCAD Prefab Chamber Data File
Primary Association: Data Files