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format file fnbk

What is a fnbk file and how do I open a fnbk file?

Files that use the .fnbk extension are files created using the Food Network Recipe Manager. Those who love to cook and collect recipes would find this software helpful because there is no need for manually organizing, creating, and saving recipes that could be lost as well when manually handled. This is also essential for those who are on a diet and planning their meals carefully. This is also very helpful for chefs and restaurant owners. This software is popularly known as a tool users can use to create their personalized cookbooks without hassle. The software is developed by Nova Development and it is the files or the cookbook created that uses the .fnbk extension. The software also allows sharing of cookbooks to other people, however, unless a person’s computer has the right software used to open .fnbk files, the file cannot be opened. But there are also other programs that allow users to open .fnbk files without the appropriate software needed such .fnbk fixers and readers.

Mac OS
Recommended fnbk file download:
Nova Development Food Network Recipe Manager
Nova Development Food Network Recipe Manager
Detail fnbk file extension information:
File Type: fnbk
File Format: Food Network Recipe Manager Data File
Primary Association: Data Files