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format file flwa

What is a flwa file and how do I open a flwa file?

The .flwa file extension is used by the Folder Lock software. Since the Folder Lock software is a tool that is used to encrypt files that users need to protect, the files that are created and saved by the users through the software use the .flwa format. Hearing the term .flwa files, it automatically means these are protected files or they are files that require password to access. The Folder Lock software is a very important tool for users who consider file security very important. For instance, people who mostly require the software are businessmen, government officials, bank officials or even a mere individual who keeps a lot of secrets in life. This software can even be used to create a diary intended for personal access and not for public viewing. Once the files created are saved using the .flwa extension, they can never be opened by anyone except the person who created the password.

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Detail flwa file extension information:
File Type: flwa
File Format: Folder Lock Wallet File
Primary Association: Data Files