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format file ffwp

What is a ffwp file and how do I open a ffwp file?

The .ffwp file extension is known as a FormsForWeb Packet file because this is mostly used to refer to online forms that the Lucom FormsForWeb software allow users to create. Online forms are popular nowadays as a lot of online websites require users to fill out forms whether they are membership forms or purchase forms. These online forms can be made through the use of the software Lucom FormsForWeb. This is a web form creator that allows users to create forms for online use. As mentioned, these forms are .ffwp files. What’s good about this software is that the forms created for online use can be edited without the need for the internet. This is what the .ffwp is for. In other words, these forms are in the .ffwp format because this format makes these files easily edited through the use of the software. Files with the .ffwp extension are opened using applications such as the Lucom FormsForWeb Filler.

Recommended ffwp file download:
Lucom FormsForWeb Filler
Detail ffwp file extension information:
File Type: ffwp
File Format: FormsForWeb Packet
Primary Association: Data Files