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format file fes

What is a fes file and how do I open a fes file?

The FES file extension is identified with Fileless Occurrence Placeholder developed by G&A M.C. It is classified as a Data File produced when there is occurrence of fileless note of 3D Topicscape transferred to Windows. It is more of a roundtrip action done by exporting unmodified files to Topicscape and later on returning the file. 3D Topicscape is a software application that is patterned to be more of a PIM or Personal Information Manager. PIM is application software that is equivalent to a personal manager. It acts as a tool that takes care of tracking, recording and management of personal information. Personal information includes address books, list of tasks, personal notes, significant calendar dates, email, reminders, project management and alerts. In 3D Topicscape, a template is provided which is based on concept mapping. This template shows the relation between concepts through a diagram. This relation also shows the knowledge involved and arrangements of the labels which are altogether connected

Recommended fes file download:
3D Topicscape
Detail fes file extension information:
File Type: fes
File Format: Fileless Occurrence Placeholder
Primary Association: Data Files