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format file esq

What is an esq file and how do I open an esq file?

Files that use the .esq extension are known as Embroidery Sequence File types. This .esq file extension is mostly used to save files created by the Pfaff embroidery machines software. Both the software and the .esq file extension are created by VSM Group. While the software is a suite of different software used for computerized embroidery designs, the data, such as the designs, the images that are displayed in this software or the data that users can modify or choose when creating or designing embroidery through the software are all saved using the .esq extension format. Data contained in this software are also information about different embroidery designs. This file extension also allows sequencing of designs, making it easy for users to create their embroidery model designs. Since the Pfaff embroidery machines software consist of various 3D software, ether one of this software can be used to open files with the .esq extension.

Recommended esq file download:
VSM Group creative 3D Suite
Detail esq file extension information:
File Type: esq
File Format: Embroidery Sequence File
Primary Association: Data Files