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format file esb

What is an esb file and how do I open an esb file?

The .esb file extension is used in files created by the program Es-builder. It was developed by Season Workshop and it is called an Es-Builder Book File type. Most of the files the software creates are databases that may consist of personal information, entries, and tasks as well as data structures. All these files use the .esb file extension. With the use of the .esb extension for these files, it is easy for the user to print reports and create custom views. These files using the .esb extension are usually saved in a certain folder named MyBook wherein all information can be accessed when this folder is opened. The use of .esb file extension in these files can also be protected so that unauthorized opening and viewing of information contained can be avoided. Users who want to create tasks and notes and other information using the Es-builder are usually required to save the files using the .esb format.

Recommended esb file download:
Season Workshop es-Builder
Detail esb file extension information:
File Type: esb
File Format: Es-Builder Book File
Primary Association: Data Files