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format file ebuild

What is an ebuild file and how do I open an ebuild file?

A Portage eBuild script file is saved in the EBUILD format and was developed as an installation file for an associated application created for Linux systems. Classified as a data file, a file in the EBUILD format is appended with the .ebuild extension and can be created using the Portage software developed by Gentoo for Gentoo Linux systems. The Portage application is categorized as package management system software with a set of integrated features for the creation and management of custom Gentoo Linux applications. Installation instructions and compilation source code are entered and stored in an EBUILD file by the developer of a Gentoo Linux application. When an EBUILD file is executed, the data in the EBUILD file is referenced by the Gentoo Linux system to run the installer for the corresponding application. Particularly, the Portage emerge application facilitates the installation of the associated program. Gentoo Linux users can install and use the Portage application to create, open and edit the content of these EBUILD installer files.

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Gentoo Portage
Detail ebuild file extension information:
File Type: ebuild
File Format: Portage eBuild Script
Primary Association: Data Files